How do I print my map?

Last Updated: Dec 29, 2015 11:32AM PST

BatchGeo is great for creating interactive maps, but we also have a popular, high quality print export option available to Pro Users.

Free User

You can use your browser's print function to print the map. This is normally available under File Menu -> Print.

Pro User: Quick Print

You can retrieve an image or PDF of one or more maps in a single click.

  1. Go to the My Maps page
  2. Find the map in your list
  3. Click the PDF or Image button under the Export column

The file will either download or display, depending on your browser. You can then use your system's print function to print this file, which is higher quality than printing directly from the browser without exporting.

The Image file is a 2794x1900 pixel PNG file, which has crisper lines and text than a JPG file. For higher resolution, consider the advanced print option.

Pro User: Advanced Print

Use this advanced print option for more choices in how your map is exported to a PNG or PDF file.

Print the entire map:

  1. Open the map you want to print
  2. Click your username in the upper right corner
  3. Select the export to pdf / image option
  4. Choose PDF or PNG
  5. Choose image size:
    • ‚ÄčMatch Window Size
    • High Res 11" x 17" Printout (1900 x 2794)
    • Super High Res 24" x 36" Poster (7200 x 10800)

Print a zoomed in map:

  1. Open the map you want to print
  2. Zoom and pan to the portion of the map you want to print
  3. Click your username in the upper right corner
  4. Select the export to pdf / image option
  5. Choose PDF or PNG
  6. Choose image size as above

If you select Match Window Size, BatchGeo will choose your browser's current resolution and window size to export the visible portion of your map as a PDF or PNG file. High Res and Super High Res will use the center and zoom level of your map to create the full resolution export.

Regardless of your chosen printing option, use your PDF viewer or paste the Image file into any program that accepts a PNG file and then print from there.

You of course always have the option of using a screen capture program and then pasting that file into a document that you then print, but for the highest quality we recommend exporting your maps in the resolution required by your paper size.
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