How do I change marker color?

Last Updated: Dec 29, 2015 11:35AM PST

BatchGeo lets you choose between seven marker color options (10 with BatchGeo Pro). You can choose a single color for all markers, or automatically show different colors based on data values.

Change a Single Marker Color

If your map contains markers of a single color, you can change that color by editing your map. Choose Validate & Set Options, where Group By / Thematic Value will be set to Single Color. If it is instead set to a column from your spreadsheet, you can choose Single Color to ensure all markers are the same color.

To change the color selected for your markers, go to Advanced Options. The Marker Colors table will have a single item. Hover over the rectangular color swatch to reveal other swatches. Select your favorite color from the list, then save your map.

Change Colors Based on Values

If you prefer to have multiple colored markers, you will want to use our “Group By” Feature. Create a column in your data that differentiates your groups, such as a type or category column. Choose Validate & Set Options, then set Group By / Thematic Value to the column you just created, or another that is already within your data.

Next, choose Advanced Options and look for the Marker Colors table, which should include a color for each of the values within your thematic column.

Hover over a rectangular color swatch next to a value to reveal other swatches. Select your favorite color from the list, and repeat for each color you want to change. When you're finished, save your map.

If you'd like to change the colors for multiple fields, just select the field under the Group By / Thematic Value option, then follow the above to change colors. Even if a field is not your default grouping option, the colors will remain if that field is chosen for grouping. You can change the grouping in the lower left of your saved map.
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