How do I keep my map private or make it public?

Last Updated: Nov 21, 2014 02:43PM PST

Free / BatchGeo Pro

Map is generally available. Search engines will able to find your map, we may also choose to feature your page on our examples page.

Map is only available to those who have the private URL. The URL is quite long and random and will be impossible to guess. More details are available in our features section underneath security.

BatchGeo Pro Only

Password Protected
A password will be required to access map. This password can be shared amongst many users, there is no user name required. Password protected maps are also Unlisted (see above.)

My Subscription Users
If you share maps with "My Subscription Users" then they will need a login and password to view. Subscription user accounts are created by the primary BatchGeo Pro account holder (the one who initially signed up.) 

BatchGeo App for iPhone/iPad

If the map maker, the person who's email is used to save the map, has the iPad/iPhone App then they can share from their iPad/iPhone map screen. Click share button in the lower right hand corner while viewing the map.  This opens up an email and then share the link with as many BatchGeo App users as you would like.

If the map maker does not have the iPhone/iPad App, all you need to do is paste this batchgeo://map/ in front of the map number or name if you gave it one. Example:

Additionally users with the App installed will be prompted to open a map in the mobile app when attempting to open in Safari.
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