Label Markers with Numbers or Letters

Last Updated: Nov 07, 2015 01:48PM PST

You can add labels to the markers on your maps, including either letters (A-Z) or numbers (1-99). To add labels to your markers, edit your map, choose Validate & Set Options, then Advanced Options.

By default, there is no label for a marker. Choose either letters or numbers from the dropdown box, then save your map.

Label Limitations
Labels are most useful on a limited number of locations. For this reason, BatchGeo will only show letter labels if you have 26 or fewer locations. For numbers you can have up to 99 locations. If you exceed 26 with letters or 99 with numbers then the labels won’t appear.

The labels themselves are not displayed until the map is saved. The preview map will show a map with non-labeled markers.

Set a Label for a Location
BatchGeo assigns labels in the order of your data. If you choose letters, your first location will be labeled with an A, your second with a B, and so on. Keep in mind, the label may change if your map has grouping enabled. The labels will always be assigned sequentially for the data that is currently displayed on the map. There is no way to permanently assign a label to a location.

Use Words as Labels
The only available marker labels are letters (A-Z) and numbers (1-99), but you can apply a title to your marker. Under advanced options, choose a field to be your title.

Whenever a marker is clicked, this field will be in bold at the top of the Marker Box. Additionally, whenever a user hovers over the marker, the title will display near the marker.
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