Change the order of the data in the Marker Box

Last Updated: Dec 12, 2015 11:54AM PST
BatchGeo intuits the order of your data from your spreadsheet. You have complete control over the order your data appears in the Marker Box by changing the order within your spreadsheet. The left-most columns will display first within the Marker Box and the right-most columns will show last. Of course, you can catapult one field to the front by setting it as your title, but the other field ordering will follow the spreadsheet.

To re-order your data, return to your spreadsheet. If you no longer have the spreadsheet, you can copy from BatchGeo. While editing your map, click into the map data and copy with Ctrl+C (Cmd+C on Mac). Then open an empty spreadsheet and paste with Ctrl+V (Cmd+V on Mac).

Choose the spot where you want to move your data and insert a new column. Then you can highlight and drag an entire column, or use Cut (Ctrl+X or Cmd+X on Mac) and paste. When your data is in the desired order, add it back into your existing BatchGeo map through the map data box.

For more tips, see our 5 Steps to Becoming a BatchGeo Power User blog post.
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